at mountain pilates we offer a lot of classes to choose from so please read the class descriptions to allow you to choose the most suitable choice for you.

should your body need any special care or consideration ie: disc bulges, pain (of any description arthritis, general tightness, sciatica etc) please make contact with us prior to booking into your classes.  this will assist us in supporting your body alignment in the best possible way.

intro pilates

for those who are new to pilates or need a refresher, these classes are designed to teach you the foundations of pilates, safe exercise and how to find your functional core.this class is taught at a slower pace focussing on correct technique and execution with detailed instruction.however the session is progressive in nature so you can expect to leave with having ‘worked’ the entire body as well as feeling relaxed. this class will prepare you for the full variety of sessions offered at mountain pilates.  

this class is suitable for pre and post pregnancy


a complete and proven mind and body exercise program that dramatically improves the way the body, looks, feels and performs. pilates builds strength without excess bulk, sleek, toned muscles and postural awareness.  no matter what your age or condition it will work for you.

it is recommended that all clients new to mountain pilates take intro pilates classes first.

this class is suitable for those who are pregnant



When you hear the word Pilates, most probably, the first thing that comes into your mind is core strength. It’s no surprise at all because core strength is a well-known benefit of Pilates.

Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates, talked about developing a ‘girdle of strength’ by working the deep-trunk muscles. Although the ‘core stability’ trend started way back in the 1920’s through Joe’s exercise regimes, it is still alive and kicking up to this day.

Why Having a Strong Core is Important

Everyday actions such as bending to put on shoes, turning to look what’s behind you, sitting on a chair, or even just standing still – all of these rely on your core. Basically, almost every movement stems from your core.

But what about simply sitting or standing?

Sitting and standing engage your core muscles as well. If your back muscles often get stiff and sore, then most probably, your core isn’t strong enough to support your upper body.

A strong core gives you a healthy back. It helps prevent the excruciating problem that affects 8 out of 10 people in the world – low back pain.

A wide range of sports activities is powered by a strong core. It allows athletes to execute more powerful and controlled movements during performance.

If you do a lot of housework, you need a strong core. A lot of movements such as bending, twisting, lifting, hammering and reaching for items stems from or pass through the core.

Core strength plays a big role on body stability. You can move in any direction, walk on the bumpiest ground or stand still without losing balance. Simply put, strengthening your core reduces the risk of falling.

On posture, if your core muscles are weak, you tend to slouch easily. Strong core muscles contribute to good posture. Having a good posture gives you a taller, leaner look and also projects confidence. Moreover, a good posture allows you to breathe easily.

how reformer can help

The cornerstone of Pilates is about gaining control of core movements. Although its main focus in on the core, your arms and legs will also benefit from Pilates.

As a core-strengthening exercise, Reformer Pilates gives you a strong back, which helps prevent back pain and leaves you with a healthy spine. Joseph Pilates used to say “You’re only as young as your spine is flexible.”

What’s awesome about Reformer Pilates is that it challenges your entire body, not just your core. Most Reformer Pilates movements incorporate the core muscles, including the deep core muscles. If you engage these muscles properly, these muscles will help develop a stronger body with a stable foundation. After all, the core isn’t called a powerhouse for nothing.

Strong and chiselled abs don’t always mean having deep core strength. Core strength is not an easy thing to get – but it is an essential part of our physical health. It’s not just a strong superficial layer of muscles but deep core muscles that will help you keep a stable body and strong, controlled movements.

this class is suitable for pre and post pregnancy as there are 2 clients per 1 instuctor


bosu ball.jpg

A well conditioned core will promote a strong fit body that is less prone to injuries. Designed to focus on achieving that conditioning, with emphasis on the torso, back and deep pelvic muscles, this class will teach you to use your body as it own ultimate conditioning tool.

Suitable for pre and post pregnancy

sm – stretch/massage

stretch 1.jpeg

Designed to; lengthen tight muscles, improve range of motion and increase circulation this session will utilise self massage, targeted stretches and miofacial release to elevate strains, discomfort and pains. We will use rumble rollers, therabands and a range of tools to achieve in depth manipulation. As an add bonus the session will educate you about your body without you even realising. 

This class is suitable for pre and post pregnancy

adult ballet

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trx sessions provide an intense, high tempo, total body workout.  using your bodyweight and gravity as both support and resistance you will build lean muscle, increase your mobility and enhance your endurance.  designed by navy seals and used by eilite military units around the world trx will achieve amazing results without the risk of injury

suitable for first trimester pregnancy

private sessions

at mountain pilates we offer private or small group sessions for those who wish to support their rehabilition, need care for particular conditions, are pregnant, or simply prefer to sharpen up their skills.

these sessions are priced at $80 per hour, please make contact to arrange an appointment